Providing timeless design solutions tailored specifically for innovative brands and business owners.

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I’m Natalie — Founder and Creative Director of Studio Minardi. I provide minimalist and timeless design solutions tailored specifically for innovative brands and business owners. With over 7 years in the design industry, I have worked with a variety of clients, honing my skills and adapting to diverse project requirements. This experience has equipped me with a deep understanding of client needs and the ever-changing design landscape. I bring this knowledge and passion to every project, creating impactful and memorable designs that resonate with audiences.

At Studio Minardi, we collaborate with a wide array of talented creative professionals, utilizing our extensive expertise and diverse knowledge across various creative domains. Together, we create meticulously tailored brands and campaigns that seamlessly resonate with audiences on multiple platforms, effectively establishing meaningful connections.

Natalie Minardi — Founder, Lead Designer

Brand Identity

A comprehensive brand identity designed specifically for two types of entrepreneurs: those who are new to the industry and need a detailed plan, or those who already have an established brand but want to update it. With this package, I will define your brand's personality, creative style, mission, and market position. By doing so, I will bring your vision to life and captivate your target audience.

Investment from $3500 | Timeline: 3-4 weeks

Website Design

For business owners aspiring to elevate their brand to new heights, the website serves as a crucial touchpoint in the consumer's buying journey and stands as one of the pivotal elements for a triumphant brand. By employing advanced UX/UI techniques to transform your website into a seamless extension of your brand, you empower your audience to fully immerse themselves in its boundless creative potential.

Investment from $5000 + Brand Identity | Timeline: 3-4 months